Oxford City Council launches new look website

Published: Tuesday, 12th January 2016

Oxford City Council has launched a completely redesigned website providing our residents with a new and convenient way to get things done online.

The site has been redesigned from the ground up to provide quick and easy access whether you are using a laptop, tablet or a mobile phone.

Visitors to the site can now easily access the wealth of services the City Council provides, including:

  • Paying Council Tax, housing rent and Business Rates on line
  • Receive their Council Tax and Business Rates bills electronically
  • Check and receive reminders of their bin collection days
  • Apply for Park & Ride permits, HMO licences and planning permission
  • Reporting flytipping, noise complaints, anti-social behaviour or road defects
  • Finding events across the city
  • Participating in consultations

A key part of the new site is the tenant’s portal. With this new addition, council tenants will no longer need to phone the Council when they need to report a problem or book a repair. 

Using the portal, tenants will be able to book a repair in just a few minutes and at a time convenient to them. This will be followed up with a confirmation email and reminder text messages. They will also be able to track the progress of their repair through the portal.

Councillor Susan Brown, Board Member for Customer and Corporate Services said: “I am delighted to see the new website launch this week. This has been the culmination of many months of work between Oxford City Council and Spacecraft Digital and the result is a much better site for local residents and visitors to use to find out about Oxford and Oxford City Council services.”   

“People can now contact us more easily and do business with us when it’s convenient for them.”

With over 1.4 million users to the site each year, extensive research was used to arrive at its new design and layout, with all the pages on the website re-written to make them shorter and easier to read.

The launch is the culmination of several months of hard work that has seen a new digital design agency, Leicester-based Spacecraft Digital, take over the design, development and support for the new site, built using Jadu software.

Spacecraft Digital has a wide range of experience in the public sector, having provided web sites to over 70 organisations, including the award-winning website for Manchester City Council.

Matt Culpin, Spacecraft Digital’s creative director said: "Oxford City Council was clear that the new site must be tailored to the people of the city and how they specifically wish to access services online.

“Using data provided by the council we quickly discovered that 40 percent of website visitors were accessing the old website from mobile devices.

“The redesign involved looking at user focussed tasks, accessibility and responsiveness testing. The result is a site that caters specifically to the people of Oxford and how they prefer to access services, across devices including phones, tablets and desktops."