Clean sweep at the Carnival

Published: Monday, 1st July 2019

Cowley Road Carnival takes place on 7 July. This year’s theme is Space is the Place and the carnival is set to dazzle spectators with music, performances, spoken word, drama and dance.

The day runs from 11am to 5pm with the procession starting at 12.30pm from The Plain. Thousands are expected to throng the area through the day. All those people create a whole lot of litter and Oxford Direct Services (ODS), working on behalf of Oxford City Council, will be out and about before, during and after the event to make sure the area is kept clean and all the rubbish is quickly dealt with. Last year over three tonnes of waste was collected and indications are that this year will be no different.

Before the carnival gets underway Oxford Direct Services operatives will have been out and about in the area making sure any hazardous waste, like needles or broken glass, is cleaned away.

Then ten members of staff will be working during the event on the day emptying bins and stopping litter building up. They are aiming to make sure Cowley Road will be swept and back open for public use within an hour of the carnival ending 

Lastly, the following morning, nine more staff will undertake the final clean up, making  sure that any residual rubbish is cleared away and that Cowley Road is back to normal.

During the carnival there will be several recycling bins available and the Council is urging carnival goers to uses them and keep them free from contamination so that as much waste as possible can be recycled. Anything that cannot be recycled is taken to Virador's Energy Recovery Facility at Ardley where it will be incinerated and used to make electricity. 

Two Scarab street sweeping vehicles will be in use on the  day along with four caged vehicles for picking up the rubbish and a further two trucks for bin delivery and retrieval.

Cllr Nigel Chapman, Oxford City Council Cabinet Member for Customer Focused Services, said: "We want everyone to have a great time at the Cowley Road Carnival and we are going to make sure litter doesn't get in the way or cause problems.

"Ideally we'd like carnival-goers to take their litter home with them or use the bins provided. And make sure recyclable material goes into the right bins. Our ODS staff are proud of the contribution they make each year to the success of the carnival and this year will be no different. I want to thank them in advance as I know they will do a great job."

Oxford City Council has provided a grant of £25,000 for 2019-20 and £25,000 for 2020-21£25,000 to help fund the Cowley Road Carnival.