New app will make it easier to report noise

Published: Friday, 28th August 2015

Oxford residents will be able to report domestic noise issues more easily in the future thanks to a new app.

Oxford City Council has signed up to The Noise App, which people can download from Apple and Android app stores onto their smartphone or tablet.

The app allows residents to record domestic noise issues on their smartphone or tablet and then send the recording directly to the City Council to investigate.

If the noise is deemed persistent, unreasonable and detrimental to the local community the Council will consider installing professional noise monitoring equipment and investigate further.

Currently, residents must describe the noise on diary sheets – which investigators pick up at a later date and cannot hear.

The new system means investigators can receive noise recordings almost immediately and act more quickly if the noise is particularly bad.

Those who do not own a smart phone or tablet can still report noise nuisance using the diary sheets.

Councillor Dee Sinclair, Board Member for Crime, Community Safety and Licensing, said: "The Noise App is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is download the app and then follow the instructions to record the noise and send the complaint through to us.

"We think The Noise App will not only make it easier for our residents to raise noise issues, but also save the City Council time and money."

For more information about The Noise App and to download the app, visit the Noise App website on your smartphone or tablet.