Council flies the flag for Oxford Living Wage

Published: Monday, 1st April 2019

To mark its new minimum pay rate of more than £10 an hour for all staff, Oxford City Council is flying the Oxford Living Wage flag today (Monday 1 April).

The Oxford Living Wage flag will be raised for the first time at 10 am at Oxford Town Hall, on the flagpole at the corner of High Street and St Aldate’s.

The new Oxford Living Wage rate is £10.02 an hour.

This is the minimum the council pays its staff and agency workers and expects suppliers with contracts over £100,000 to pay their workforce. If an employee works a 37 hour week, this means minimum annual pay of £19,278.

Oxford City Council, Oxford Direct Services, Blackfriars, Campion Hall, Oxford Bus Company and the Oxford Quakers all pay the Oxford Living Wage as a minimum to their staff.

As part of its commitment to promote and support the Oxford Living Wage the council is preparing to launch its own accreditation scheme for Oxford employers.

Councillor Martyn Rush, Living Wage Champion for Oxford City Council, said: “Oxford City Council believes in fairer pay for a day’s work, and I’m really pleased we are flying the Oxford Living Wage flag for the first time to demonstrate our commitment to this. We pay the Oxford Living Wage to all our staff and agency workers, we expect our larger suppliers to pay it, and we would encourage all Oxford employers to follow suit where possible. Fairer pay helps workers to live with dignity and it also benefits employers and the wider Oxford economy.”

More information about the Oxford Living Wage is at