Oxford Local Plan moves to next stage

Published: Friday, 22nd March 2019

The Oxford Local Plan 2036 is entering its final stages.

Oxford City Council submitted the Plan to the Secretary of State today (22/3), following extensive public consultation over several years. The latest consultation ended last December.

During the consultation, the City Council received responses from 340 individuals, organisations and authorities, resulting in 1,780 individual representations.

Following the submission of the Local Plan, it will be passed to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate for a review and there will be a series of public examination hearings where the plan will be assessed to ensure it complies with national policy.

The City Council hopes the hearings will start in late summer or autumn, to enable the City Council to vote to adopt the plan in early 2020.

Once the examination is completed, the Local Plan will be the guiding document for the growth and development of Oxford.

Councillor Alex Hollingsworth, Board Member for Planning and Transport. said: “The Local Plan that we have submitted today sets out a blueprint for the future of our city for the next 20 years. We are responding to the most important challenges facing us by providing genuinely affordable housing, a thriving economy that benefits not just our city but the whole country, and by continuing to tackle climate change, poor air quality and congestion.

"The documents are the result of several years of enormously hard work by the staff of the City Council’s planning team, and I want to pay tribute to their professionalism and dedication.

"I also want to pay tribute to the many people who have submitted their ideas and proposals at every stage of the making of this Plan. We know that we won’t have been able to please everyone on every issue, but we believe that the policies in this Plan show how it has been shaped and influenced by the people of Oxford.”

If you have any questions or want more detail on the Oxford Local Plan 2036, please visit www.oxford.gov.uk/localplan.