Councillor Marie Tidball returns from maternity leave

Published: Monday, 4th March 2019

Councillor Marie Tidball, who represents Hinksey Park ward, has re-joined Oxford City Council’s Executive Board on Monday 4 March, following a period of maternity leave.

Councillor Tidball left her role as the Executive Board’s portfolio member for Supporting Local Communities in July last year.

During her leave, her portfolio responsibilities were covered by Councillor Christine Simm, who represents Cowley Ward.

Whilst on maternity leave, Councillor Tidball continued her ward responsibilities, supported by fellow Hinksey Park Councillor Alex Donnelly.

This was the first time a serving Executive Board member has taken maternity leave – at least in the modern era of the Council. 

Councillor Susan Brown, Leader of the Council, said:  “I would like to give Marie a very warm welcome back to the Executive Board after her maternity leave and to her responsibilities as portfolio holder. I would also like to express my gratitude to Christine for her passion and dedication whilst serving on the Executive Board. During her time in the role Christine has helped us to continue to serve our local communities in Oxford through her work with our Children and Young People’s Strategy, supporting our work with local community centres and community associations, and much more.”

Councillor Marie Tidball, Board Member for Supporting Local Communities, said: “I am grateful to Christine for taking over my maternity cover while I was on leave from my CEB role. It was wonderful to see our local communities continuing to be supported and championed through Christine’s hard work and dedication. I am looking forward to returning back to the role and carrying on the work that Christine has looked after over the past few months. Supporting the opportunity for parental leave was a progressive step for our Council. Oxford can, once again, be proud of the work it does to include a diverse range of Councillors to represent our city.

Councillor Christine Simm, Ward Member for Cowley said: “I am happy to welcome Marie back to her role in the City Executive Board. I am honoured that she entrusted me to continue her work with communities while she was on maternity leave. I have immensely enjoyed my time returning to the portfolio and am very proud of the work that I have been involved with these past few months.”