To apply for planning permission, you will need to visit the Planning Portal. 

The Planning Portal will guide you through the process; including the fees and the payment methods. 

Documents you will need

A list of all the documents required to be submitted with an application are outlined in the List of National and Local Planning Application Requirements.

We recommend reading this thoroughly as an application which is missing information will take longer to process and there will be a delay to the application being determined. 

Planning application costs

Most planning applications require a fee to be paid when they are submitted. 

When applying on the Planning Portal, you will be asked to make payment with your application. If you do not pay on the portal at the time of submission, the application will not be released to us. Any Planning Portal payment enquires will need to be directed to the Planning Portal directly.

If you want to pay via BACS please visit our Ways to make a payment page for details. 

If you do opt to pay via this method you will need to email with proof of payment so they can get this confirmed by the council's Finance team and linked to your application.

Check the cost of your application on the Planning Portal website or use the fee calculator.

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