To calculate your potential housing benefit, first determine your Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate.

If you're 35 or over, single, and without dependants, your LHA rate will depend on your living situation. For a self-contained property or shared accommodation with two or more private rooms (bedrooms or living rooms), the one bedroom LHA rate applies.

A self-contained property includes:

  • your own bathroom
  • private toilet
  • own kitchen or cooking facilities

In shared accommodation with less than two private rooms, the shared room LHA rate applies if you're over 35, single, and without dependants.

You also need to find out if you can get the full amount of benefit. Your benefit amount could be influenced by:

  • income
  • savings
  • rent amount
  • sharing rent with others

Joint tenants

If you're a joint tenant, this may impact your benefit. For more details, please contact us directly.

Using your benefit

Your housing benefit is intended for rent payment. Misusing it may lead to legal action by your landlord, including potential eviction and loss of your home.

Rent differences and your LHA

If your actual rent is lower than your LHA rate, your benefit is based on the rent you pay. However, if your rent exceeds your LHA rate, you'll need to cover the difference yourself.

Contact the Benefits Team

When contacting us about an existing claim, please remember to include your reference number in your email.

Address: Oxford City Council
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Telephone: 01865 249811

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