King George’s Playing Field Cycle Improvements

Image showing new cycle path in King George's Playing Field.

Oxfordshire County Council has funding to deliver improvements to pedestrian and cycling routes. A proportion of the funding has been provided to Oxford City Council to deliver schemes within the city. One scheme identified is the provision of a new shared footpath/cyclepath at King George’s Playing Field.

There is currently a route which runs between the access at Earl Street and then around the field to Willow Walk. This is used by both pedestrians and cyclists, however corners are often cut for ease of travel. This route will tie in a new junction with Willow Walk currently being undertaken by Oxfordshire County Council. There is a large rut across the field representing this desire line, and this will now be incorporated into the proposal.

The proposals will provide a new all-weather footpath/cyclepath which is wide enough for pedestrians and cyclists to use at the same time. This route will run across the field between Earl Street and Willow Walk, utilising both existing routes and the desire line.

The existing entrance to the field from Earl Street will remain in place, but will now include a timber bollard to prevent vehicular access.

Consultation has been undertaken with a number of key stakeholders, as well as Oxford City Council officers regarding trees and ecology within the fields.

The consultation opened on Monday 5 December 2022 and closed on Sunday 18 December 2022.

Plan of cycle improvements at King George's Playing Field

King George's Field cycle improvements proposal

What Happens Next?

Oxford Direct Services and their consultant Stantec will review the responses and where appropriate make amendments to the scheme. The planning application will be made to Oxford City Council and made available on the council's website, including opportunity to comment.

If the planning application is granted, Oxford Direct Services would want to deliver the scheme as soon as possible afterwards, to ensure the public can benefit from this new facility at the earliest opportunity.

King George’s Playing Field scheme summary

The path will enter the field through the existing access at Earl Street to follow both existing routes and desire line to meet Willow Walk.

A planning application will be made allowing for further public comment. Pre-application advice has been received from the Council’s Planning, Arboricultural and Ecology officers and taken into consideration.

No trees are expected to be removed.


  • Provision of a dedicated route for pedestrians and cyclists through the park.
  • A more comfortable direct route to cross the park, providing a suitable surface for all weather use.
  • Ties in with local cycling network and signed cycle routes.
  • Encourages greater use of the playing fields and promotes active travel.
  • Designating the path officially as a cycletrack.
Image showing new cycle path in King George's Playing Field