Selective licensing

Apply for a Selective licence

Selective Licensing started on 1 September 2022 and requires rented properties (houses, flats, bungalows etc.) within the Oxford City Council administrative area to have a licence unless:

  1. The home is already licensed as an HMO; or
  2. There is an exemption.

Application fee

The application fee is charged in two stages. Stage one (£178) is paid with the application. The stage two fee is paid with the draft licence. Discounts are taken from the second stage. If you pre-authorise the stage two payment, we set the maximum that may be charged at this point (£302). The early bird and accreditation discounts are dependent on criteria being met so we have to assess the application to decide if the early bird or accreditation fee can be given (for example, a landlord might not submit all the required documents).

Apply for a licence

Important note on address look-up - the address look-up in the application system is not always consecutive - for example, flats, annexes or named buildings are often at the end of the list. Please scroll down the list before contacting us to tell us a property is not in the look-up list.

If the property does not appear, then first check the property is in Oxford City Council's administrative area i.e. to whom council tax is paid. You can check the property's district council on the Oxfordshire County Council website.

Apply for a property licence

Help with making an application

See our Selective Licensing Application Guide for help with making an application. A video guide is also available to view.