Report unlawful dwellings (Beds in sheds)

A dwelling is ‘a building or part of a building occupied or intended to be occupied as a separate dwelling’.

Unlawful dwellings are those dwellings that have no Building Regulation approval and/ or planning permission for this use. This results in sub-standard accommodation that can contain multiple hazards. 

These are commonly outbuildings within the boundary of a property. An outbuilding is a structure separate from a main building such as an outhouse, shed, garage or annexe. They are usually built within the rear gardens of residential properties and converted for habitation.

Due to the housing demand there has been an increase in the number of poorly constructed outbuildings being used for accommodation in Oxford.

If you suspect a building is being used as a dwelling without the relevant planning permission and Building Regulation approval then please contact the Private Sector Safety Team using the details below.