Report disrepair in your private rented property

When a privately rented property falls into disrepair the first person you should contact is the landlord or agent responsible for maintenance. The majority of landlords or agents will respond within a reasonable timescale and carry out any necessary repairs.

We would always advise that you contact your landlord, in writing, explaining any issues of disrepair. Your landlord has a duty to reply within 14 days and arrange to carry out any necessary works.

However, if you have reported disrepair to your landlord or agent and they have failed to respond or carry out any necessary works then you should contact us using the details below.

If your call is not answered please leave a message with the details of the disrepair, a name and contact number. One of our officers will get back to you.

In order for our officers to investigate we will require information regarding the disrepair, your contact details, your landlord's details, and any other information that may assist us.

Our primary role is to assess disrepair within privately rented dwellings. Our assessments are conducted under the Housing Act 2004 using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

Once we receive a complaint it will be referred to one of our officers who will contact you within 5 working days to discuss and arrange an inspection if required.

The inspection will not inform or influence any application for re-housing with the Council.