Get involved at Audit and Governance Committee meetings

Attending meetings

Meetings are held in public and you are welcome to attend and observe.

Meeting dates and start times are on the calendar.

The majority of meetings are held in the Town Hall.

On rare occasions the meeting will agree to consider an item in private and if this is the case you will be asked to leave. This happens infrequently and within very limited circumstances that you will see on the agenda and listed in the Council’s constitution.

Asking questions, making comments or speaking

If the Chair agrees you are able to speak for up to 5 minutes on any item on the public part of the agenda.

If you wish to do this you must register to speak by 4pm on the day of the meeting.

You can do this:

The Committee Services Officer can circulate relevant written material to councillors and officers if it is sent to at least two working days before the meeting.

Meeting agenda

All agendas are available on our website.

These are published five working days before the meeting.

Exceptionally a particularly urgent item may be added after the agenda is published. If this happens, it will be published on the website as soon as possible.

Upcoming agenda items

You can register for alerts for committees.

The agenda lists all the business of the committee.

Recording meetings

You can record meetings using your own equipment. We have a protocol which we ask you to follow to minimise disruption to the meeting.

If you want to record audio or video, please talk to the clerk before the meeting starts