Leaseholder property buyback scheme

Wer have funding to to re-purchase a limited number of Oxford City Council properties.

We are very interested in buying back leasehold properties located at Evenlode Tower, Foresters Tower, Hockmore Tower, Plowman Tower, and Windrush Tower as part of this.

If you are interested, the process for selling a property to the Council is similar to selling on the open market.

  1. We will look at the demand for your property by taking into consideration area and bedroom size
  2. If your property meets our requirements in principle, an initial survey will be undertaken by a Council surveyor
  3. An independent valuation will be carried out and the Council will inform you of the purchase price

We are not able to purchase properties where the owner wants to remain in the property, neither will we make an offer on every property surveyed.

Whilst as a seller you are responsible for your own legal fees, selling your property back could work for you as;

  • You avoid estate agent fees
  • You are not stuck in a chain, where someone else is waiting to move into your property dependant on their sale
  • The purchase is on a “cash” basis so you do not have to wait for a mortgage approval from a potential purchaser
  • You have one point of contact in the Council

If you are interested contact our Affordable Housing Supply Programme Team on 01865 335487 or email [email protected].