English language competency

It is a requirement of the Licensing Authority that you have an adequate knowledge of both written and spoken English, and must show proof of your competency by means of a relevant certificate, test or qualification at the time of submitting your application.

Examples are; a GCSE English Examination Certificate, a Certificate for a relevant English Language Qualification, an English Language Proficiency Test pass certificate etc.

However, if the Licensing Officer is not satisfied with your spoken and written standard of the English language during your appointment, this may require you to gain a further certificate of competency from an English Language School, before your application can be considered further.

We are aware that not everyone will necessarily have a relevant qualification, or may not be able to find their Certificate. In order to assist you in meeting our criteria, please read the notes below:

If you have a recognised qualification in the English Language, but cannot find your Certificate, please visit the National Consortium for Examinations Results website where you will find information as to how to obtain duplicate certificates or a "Statement of Results".

If you do not have a qualification in the English Language, you may wish to contact ESOL at Oxfordshire County Council Adult Learning (see contact details below) to enrol in an English Language Course where you will be assessed as to your current level of competency, and informed of which course to enrol on, in order to become qualified. The Licensing Authority will accept “ESOL English: Entry Level 2” as a recognised qualification.

Alternatively, you may wish to make your own arrangements with a School of Languages of your own choice; however, it is advisable to check the level of competency that you must attain.

Contact details

Oxfordshire County Council Adult learning pages

Tel: 01235 555 585
Email: enquiries@abingdon-witney.ac.uk