Local housing allowance rates

Local Housing Allowance claimed by people living in the Oxford area will be based on these rates. 

Local Housing Allowance Rates from April 2022

Number of Bedrooms £ per week £ per month
Room in Shared Accommodation 118.87 516.52
1 Bedroom 178.36 775.02
2 Bedrooms 210.00 912.50
3 Bedrooms 253.15 1100.00
4 Bedrooms 364.77 1585.01

Before using this you need to work out how many rooms you are entitled to claim benefit for. Visit our Work out how much LHA you can claim page for more details on how to do this.

If your circumstances change and you become entitled to an additional bedroom, or to less bedrooms, your claim will be amended from the date that your bedroom entitlement changed and will be reviewed again in April each year.