Top tips for suppliers

  1. Read the documentation clearly and understand what is required of you.
  2. Provide all of the information requested.  If you cannot provide some of the information, for whatever reason, ask for advice. Don't rely on any previous knowledge or contract held with the Council. Only information contained in your proposal can be considered and evaluated. 
  3. Don't include publicity material in your submission unless you have specifically been asked to.
  4. Don't be put off by the tender documentation - you can always ask for help.
  5. You must complete and return the documents by the given time and date and make sure to sign anything that should be signed.
  6. Where relevant, cross-reference the answers or responses in your tender to the questions in the invitation to tender.  This will make it easier to evaluate.
  7. Be clear on your pricing model and state any assumptions you have made when pricing (for example, resources required by you and/or the Council, timetables, etc.).
  8. If you are unsuccessful, make sure you ask for a debrief to obtain feedback.  It will help you to understand how you can improve future tender applications.
  9. Understand your customer - look at their website and read their procurement strategy in order that you understand the authority's priorities, processes and requirements.
  10. Register with the business portals that are listed on the Business Opportunities page.  These provide organisations with the opportunity to register an interest in supplying goods and services with many Councils.