Applying to sell to the Council

We ask suppliers to follow a series of steps when applying for the provision of goods, services or works. These stages provide a fair and transparent tendering process for all submissions.

Look out for opportunities

Look for details of tenders in the In-tend Portal and in the Find a Tender (FTS). These will set out details of the opportunities available and the steps needed to take part. 

To comply with our Constitution, we advertise requests for quotations and tenders above £25,000 on the tenders on the In-tend Portal and, where appropriate, in relevant trade press.

Visit the In-tend Portal website to see a list of current tenders.

For supplies or service contracts worth more than £118,000 use the Find a Tender service to search and apply for high value contracts in the UK’s public and utilities sectors. Find a Tender has replaced the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily from 1 January 2021 for high value contracts in the UK.

Visit the Find a Tender website to see a list of high value contracts in the public sector.

Our advert will provide details of how to express an interest and get access to the tender documentation. The Council does not impose any charge for accessing tender documentation.

Complete all the documents

The tender documents we send out to suppliers contain details of the requirements. The specification, in particular, should be read carefully with all information completed fully and accurately.

If you are asked to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire you will need to provide details of:

  • your financial and economic standing
  • technical capability to fulfil the contract
  • your equality, sustainability and health and safety policies
  • the history of your company or organisation
  • what experience you have in the provision of the tender requirements
  • where we may obtain references.

Be complete, accurate and on time

To ensure your bid is considered, both at the pre-qualification and the final tender stages, you should:

  • provide all the information requested
  • answer all questions accurately and to the best of your knowledge via the Portal
  • return the information by the closing date specified to the address stated

Do not rely on us having any prior knowledge of your organisation - if the information is not in your submission it can't be considered

If in doubt ask before the closing date

It is your responsibility to contact us ahead of the closing date if you have any queries. Incomplete, inaccurate or unclear information may disqualify your tender. We cannot make allowances for bids submitted after the closing date and time set.