Councillors' conduct

Councillors’ Register of Interests

All elected members of a city or parish council are required by law (Local Government Act 2000) to complete a register of interests form to provide details of any financial or other interests that might give rise to a conflict of interest, when undertaking their duties as a councillor.

Each councillor must register their interests within 28 days of taking office, and they are obliged by law to keep their statutory register up to date and to inform the council’s Monitoring Officer of any changes within 28 days of the change occurring.

Councillors must also declare if they have an interest in any of the matters being discussed at a council meeting. This can be done when they complete their general declaration form, at meetings of the Council or Cabinet or committees of which they are a member.

To view councillors' register of interests:

Select a city councillor profile from the list to view their registered interests.

Select a parish council from the list to view the registered interests of their councillors.