Apply to vary a Club Premises Certificate

Please make sure you copy your application to the appropriate authorities - City and County Council premises and all educational institutions are dealt with by the Health and Safety Executive rather than us.

Use the form below for your application:

Application to Vary a Club Licence Certificate

If the variation to the licence constitutes a material variation (for example, combining two club premises into one), then you will need to make a new application instead.

How long it takes

The consultation period is 28 days, counted from the day we receive your application. Depending on representations, it may take some weeks after the end of this period to process the application, especially if it needs a hearing.

When to apply

You can apply for a variation to your Club Premises Certificate at any time.

Discussing your draft application

We strongly advise you to discuss your draft application with the Police (and other Responsible Authorities to suit your proposals) before sending the final version. Where official objections can be negotiated away, there is much less chance of needing to attend a hearing.

Advertising your application

You need to advertise your application both:

  • once in a local newspaper within 14 days
  • on blue A4 posters at the premises for at least 28 days

What you need to send us

Make sure you send us:

  • the completed application form
  • a cheque in payment of the fee (The fee payable depends on the Non-Domestic Rateable Value (NDRV) of the premises, and other factors. You can find the NDRV for your premises on the Valuation Office Agency website.)

Licence Fees for Premises and Clubs

Cash can only be accepted if paying in person. Please do not send cash in the post.

What to send to other Authorities

Send a copy of everything on the list above to each of the other Responsible Authorities, except the cheque in payment of the fee.

The Responsible Authorities you need to send copies to for a new Premises Licence application are:

  • Thames Valley Police
  • The Planning Authority
  • Environmental Protection
  • Health and Safety (but see note below)
  • Fire and Rescue Service
  • Social and Health Care
  • Trading Standards