Mobile home park licensing

Mobile home parks in England are subject to rules and regulations which include:

  • Caravan sites and Control of Development Act 1960
  • Mobile Homes Act 1983
  • Mobile Homes Act 2013
  • 2008 Model Standards for Caravan Sites in England

Under the above legislation mobile home parks are required to have a licence, which has been granted by the local authority. To successfully be granted a licence mobile home parks must have :

  • planning permission for the use of the site
  • meet certain safety standards
  • set out site rules for its residents and visitors

Each licence is tailored to the individual site and will contain certain conditions, which must be adhered to.

The Private Sector Safety Team is responsible for:

  • ensuring that mobile home parks meet standards
  • enforcement where standards or conditions are not being met
  • making decisions on license applications.

The Council maintains a register of all currently licensed parks within the city which is available for download via the link below.

Planning permission

We are unable to consider applications for mobile home park licences unless planning permission is in place on the site.

Please contact our Planning team for more information.

Licence applications

If you require a site licence you must complete a licence application form and provide a plan of the site.

You can download an application form from the GOV.UK website.

A recent legislative change, brought in by the Mobile Homes Act 2013, allows local authorities to charge for licences.

Licence fees are based on a risk rating system that relates to inspection frequency. This means that higher risk sites are inspected more and their annual licence fee will reflect this.

Our Private Sector Safety Team will complete these inspections.


You do not require a licence for:

  • incidental use within the curtilage of a home (e.g. a caravan kept on a domestic driveway for private use by the owners)
  • single caravans on land for not more than two consecutive nights and any 28 days in a 12 month period
  • holdings of five acres or more if not more than 28 days in a 12 month period and a maximum of three caravans at any time
  • sites occupied and supervised by exempted organisations (e.g. the Caravan Club)
  • sites approved by exempted organisations for up to five caravans
  • meetings organised by exempted organisations lasting no more than five days
  • seasonal agriculture and forestry workers
  • building and engineering sites
  • travelling showmen
  • sites occupied by a local authority
  • gypsy sites occupied by county or regional councils.

Site rules

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 requires site owners to consult with site residents and to produce a set of site rules. These rules are not enforced by the Council. We are required to keep and publish a copy of the site rules which can be downloaded below: