International Links - Padua, Italy

Padua is one of the oldest cities in Northern Italy, founded in around 1183BC. At less than 40km from Venice just a short train ride away, Padua is one of Europe’s great cultural and artistic destinations. 

Beautiful architecture including Roman ruins, medieval palaces and St Anthony's Basilica are just some of the sights to see. The cobbled streets of the medieval old town are lined with antique shops, cafés and restaurants and with plenty of students and cyclists, the city has a relaxed friendly vibe.

Padua shares many similarities with Oxford; it is home to the University of Padova, founded in 1222 - the second oldest university in Italy. The city is also home to the Botanical Garden of Padova, which is the world’s first Botanical Garden, created in 1545. 

Oxford officially twinned with Padua in 2019. There are strong university connections between Oxford and Padua and the Oxford-Padova link organise events and activities connecting the two cities.