International Links - Ramallah

As the seat for the Palestinian Authority in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Ramallah is a Palestinian city 16km North of Jerusalem.  It is a base for many NGOs, diplomatic representations, companies and banks.  It is a bustling and cosmopolitan city with a wealth of culture and heritage. Ramallah Municipality includes four refugee camps.

Ramallah and Oxford have similarities in terms of population size, universities, schools and hospitals, and many civil society groups as well as commerce, trade unions and cultural ventures. Literature, comedy and the arts in general are of great importance in Ramallah.  Like Oxford, it is a city with an historic market and a wide variety of eateries and accommodation.

A formal Twinning Agreement was signed between Oxford and Ramallah in 2019.  This signing builds on a 15 year friendship link between the two cities which has been driven by the  Oxford Ramallah Friendship Association.

Ramallah City Hall