International Links - Wrocław, Poland

Wrocław is the fourth largest city in Poland, home to the University of Wrocław, which is known for its prestigious alumni of Nobel Prize laureates. The city has seen many changes in its history and became part of Poland again with the border changes after the Second World War.

Wrocław has numerous historical landmarks, such as the Main Market SquareCathedral Island and the Centennial Hall, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The city is full of colourful painted buildings that highlight its creative, youthful culture and there are many charming hidden lanes to explore. 

You may also come across a few of the bronze gnomes the city is famous for.  There are over 300 hundred of them dotted about the city. Oxford City Council has one in its collection gifted by Wrocław.

Oxford officially twinned with Wroclaw in 2018.  The Oxford Polish Association are actively involved in the Oxford-Wroclaw link.