Landlord Accreditation Scheme

Landlord Accreditation Scheme Overview

Our Landlord Accreditation Scheme is a voluntary scheme that private residential Landlords and Letting Agents are encouraged to join.

The scheme applies to the private rented sector only and not to Local Authority owned or Housing Association properties where other Service Level Agreements apply.

The scheme comprises an element of self-regulation and accordingly relies on a degree of goodwill and trust on the parts of Landlords, Letting Agents, tenants and the Local Authority.

Accredited Landlords and Letting Agents

List of Accredited Landlords and Letting Agents (PDF) 

Aims of the scheme

The aims of the scheme are to improve the condition and management of the private rented sector in Oxford. We will encourage, acknowledge and actively promote good standards of privately rented accommodation with the aim of assisting Landlords, Letting Agents and tenants to undertake their respective responsibilities to each other.

Compliance with the scheme will ensure that:

  • Landlords, Letting Agents, tenants and local residents enjoy the benefits of good property conditions, competent management standards and considerate neighbourly behaviour;
  • Misunderstandings and disputes are reduced;
  • The Council's Cleaner, Greener agenda will be actively promoted;
  • Where problems do occur they are promptly resolved.


It is a requirement of the scheme that:

  • you need to be a 'Fit and Proper' person
  • the physical condition of all the properties you own or manage meet minimum legal standards, planning, and building control requirements
  • your management practices are fair and reasonable and meet the management code of practice requirements
  • community relations are maintained, including waste management at the property
  • our Cleaner, Greener agenda is complied with
  • you have ensured that all properties owned or managed by yourself have achieved the highest EPC ratings possible, within reason, for the property construction type - see the Landlord Code of Management for further information.

We will be pleased to give guidance to Landlords and Letting Agents about the standards required by the scheme.