Making your own improvements to your council home

If you are a secure tenant you have the right to make your own improvements to your home, but you do need our agreement in writing before you start. You may also need to seek planning permission and Building Regulations approval before you start work.

If you are an introductory tenant you do not have the right to carry out any changes to your home. We will consider any requests to carry out changes but would normally only give our agreement if or when we give you a secure tenancy.

If you are in breach of a Suspended Possession Order, this means that you have lost your right to be a secure tenant and the rights that go along with the security of a Council tenancy. This means that we will not agree to improvement work.

Minor DIY Work

We are happy for you to carry out minor DIY such as putting up shelves or changing bath panels, but you should not carry out work to electrical or gas fittings.

You must take care to avoid drilling where electrical wires might run and where sealed asbestos sheets are present. If you are unsure about any board/panel in your home, please contact us for an inspection. Visit our Asbestos Awareness page for more details on this subject.