Decent Homes Standard

The Decent Homes Standard was set up by the government to ensure that all social housing landlords got their properties up to a basic standard of habitation by 2010.

These standards are to ensure that each of our council homes:

  • has modern facilities and services
  • is in a reasonable state of repair
  • has a reasonable degree of thermal comfort
  • meets the minimum fitness standards

All of our 7,900 homes were brought up to the Decent Homes Standard within the target date set by the Government of December 2010. Approximately £63 million pounds was spent on upgrading and renovating the properties.

We will continue to keep our properties up to the Decent Homes Standard and have an on-going programme to achieve this.

The Oxford Standard

We feel that the Decent Home Standard is one we can improve upon. Our goal is to generate our own standard - The Oxford Standard - including all the elements of the Decent Homes, as well as new elements, and enhancing what is currently in place.

The Housing Scrutiny Panel and Tenant Scrutiny Panel are jointly working to support the delivery of this.  We also need to make sure that we have captured the views of our wider tenant base. This has been achieved by visiting your homes across the city and asking for your views in a short survey.