Making appointments for your housing repair

We will assess how soon we can carry out the repair and offer an appointment. We will place a repair order immediately or arrange for a surveyor to look at what needs to be done. You will receive a written confirmation of your appointment through the post within three days telling you:

  • job number of your repair
  • details of the work to be done
  • the target date by which the repair should be carried out
  • any appointment date we have agreed with you.

If it is an emergency, we will let you know how soon the repair worker will come.

We operate a repairs appointment system to make it easier for you to order your repairs and have the work carried out. We have four appointment time slots for you to choose from:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • All day
  • Not school runs

Depending on the size of the work required we may only be able to offer you an all day appointment to enable enough time to complete the work.

Report a housing repair

To report a repair and make an appointment call us on 01865 249811.