Gas Servicing

Annual Gas Servicing Appointments

All our gas appliances are on an annual servicing programme. When you receive a gas servicing letter please call us on 0800 22 76 76 to make an appointment. You can't currently book an appointment online.

As a landlord we have a legal requirement to carry out an annual service of all our appliances.

If after various attempts to gain access to your property access is denied, we will take legal action to obtain access to carry out the service and recharge the cost of this action to you.

Gas Programmers

Gas programmer

We are committed to achieving 100% gas servicing of our appliances. To help us achieve this we are beginning to install gas programmers that will alert tenants that a service is due thirty days prior to the service date.

If the boiler service is missed or ignored, this gas programmer will activate an audible alarm and instigate a safe but uncomfortable level of heating/hot water by cycling the system on and off. 

This will continue until the system has been serviced and the programmer reset by one of our gas servicing engineers.