Repair Categories and Our Response Times

We categorise repairs reported to us as either Emergency, Urgent or Routine so that we can respond to them in the most appropriate timescale. 

Emergency Repairs

These are to make your home safe if:

  • There is a real risk of injury or major damage to your home
  • Your home is not secure

They can include:

  • Blocked toilet or soil stack
  • Water leak
  • Board up and make safe door or window
  • No power to light circuits or to electrical sockets
  • No heating or hot water (between 1 November - 30 April)

We will attend to an Emergency Repair within 24 hours.

Contact us on 01865 249811. 

Urgent Repairs

These are generally small repairs to your home to:

  • Prevent major inconvenience to you
  • Prevent immediate damage to your home
  • Prevent a health or security problem.

They can include:

  • Overflow pouring.
  • Replace carbon monoxide monitor or smoke detector.
  • Waste pipes blocked or leaking.
  • Loss of heating or hot water

We will attend to an Urgent Repair within 3 days (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays), or quicker if there are exceptional circumstances such as someone's medical condition.

Routine Repairs

These are all other repairs that don't fall into the other categories. This is used for non-urgent repairs that do not cause immediate inconvenience or danger.

We will complete the repair within either 28 working days or it will be put into a programme of work.