Deposit Guarantee Scheme for people on low incomes

Example viewing request letter for private rented accommodation

We have created an example viewing request letter for the agent/landlord of the private rented accommodation that you want to rent.

It includes all the important information that you need to include to give you the best chance of getting the tenancy.

We have also listed some potential questions that you may get from the agent/landlord so you can prepare in advance. Do not worry if you can't answer all the questions.

Example viewing request letter

Dear (name or landlord/agent),

I am enquiring about your room in xxx (add street name) at £xxx (add cost of rent) a month.

I am looking for a room for myself.

Here is a little about me.

I am a full time worker at xxx (add name of company) in Oxford earning £xxx (add your salary) a year.

I am xxx (add age) years old.

I was previously renting from xxx (add name of landlord or agent) for a year at £500 a month but the landlord is now selling. I have a good reference from him and I have another reference from the previous landlady as well.

I can show you my last 3 months of bank statements to prove my current address, rental income being paid and my income coming in at such a time you would like to see them.

I have a reference from my employer stating my income and job position.

I can give you details of my full name, date of birth, and my addresses over the last 3 years with postcodes, should you wish to process a quick credit check.

However, I do have my own copy of my most recent credit report from Experian.

If you wish I can also bring along my passport, proof of ID/right to rent to any viewing.

I have read the advert carefully and I know this looks like exactly the kind of home I want.

I am available to see the room on xxx (add date)

Yours sincerely,

(add your name)

Possible landlord questions to be prepared for

  1. Why are you moving?
  2. When do you plan to move?
  3. Is your monthly rent 30 times your annual income?
  4. How will you pay the deposit/RIA - e.g. through the Lord Mayor's Deposit Guarantee Scheme?
  5. Will it be ok to visit your existing home?
  6. Can I contact your previous landlord?
  7. Do you have any online profiles I could check out?
  8. Have you ever been evicted?
  9. Do you have any pets or smoke?
  10. How would you describe your lifestyle?
  11. Do you play musical instruments or work shifts?
  12. Can I have a copy of your passport and National Insurance number?
  13. Do you have a rental guarantor who is a home owner?
  14. Are you planning to stay a long time?