CCTV in Oxford

CCTV is a significant tool in the fight against crime in Oxford. The impact of CCTV can help detect crime, as well as identifying missing persons and other public safety issues. 

Camera numbers and locations

We have a total of 104 cameras, located as follows:

  • 42 in Oxford City Centre
  • 26 around Park and Ride sites
  • 2 at Blackbird Leys
  • 3 on Cowley Road
  • 2 at Rose Hill
  • 1 at Wood Farm
  • 2 at Barton
  • 26 cameras in total, in four City Council tower blocks.

Oxford University has a further 99 cameras. They cover a large part of Oxford, in the areas where the City Centre CCTV system has little or no coverage.

CCTV monitoring

All images from the our cameras are fed back to a secure monitoring suite in St Aldate's Police station where they are recorded and monitored around the clock by a dedicated team of 7 staff. The staff are employed jointly by Oxford City Council and Thames Valley Police.

Oxford University cameras are controlled from a 24-hour control room in the University's Science area. The University CCTV system works in partnership with the our CCTV system and is linked by camera and radio.