Cyber crime

#ProtectYourWorld Cyber Crime campaign November 2017

We are working with Thames Valley Police to raise public awareness of cyber crime, encouraging residents and businesses to take action to protect their online worlds and to make a report, if they fall victim. A second phase of the campaign will follow in February 2018, which will focus on young people.

Visit the Cyber Crime campaign Nov 2017 - Partner materials website for more information.

Little Book of Cyber Scams

Thames Valley Police have joined up with the Metropolitan Police to produce the Little Book of Cyber Scams, to give information and advice to you and local businesses. While some of the information is targeted at businesses, the advice is relevant to all. 

The 40-page booklet covers a wide range of cyber and cyber-enabled threats, including malware and ransomware, social engineering attacks - where cyber crime is made possible by someone gathering data deceitfully in person, by phone or email - denial of service attacks and data leakage.

It follows the production of the successful Little Book of Big Scams.

Christmas scammers

It may well be a season of goodwill, but sadly it’s also a season of phone and email scams. We want to make sure that you don’t fall victim. Visit our News page for details.

These kinds of scams are typical at Christmas, but don’t let your guard down during the rest of the year as fraudsters can strike anytime.

You can also get advice from the police’s National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre.