What to do if your home or property floods

Flood water can rise quickly, so always focus on the safety of you and your family before your property and be prepared to act quickly. If there is an immediate risk to life or you are trapped by floodwater call 999.

What you should do

In the event of an emergency or severe flooding, follow these steps to stay safe:

  • If you are asked to evacuate your home, follow the advice of the emergency services
  • Move family and pets upstairs, or to a high place with a means of escape
  • Move important items and documents upstairs or somewhere high and safe
  • Turn off electricity and water supplies if flood water is about to enter your home - DO NOT touch any electrical appliances or cables when standing in flood water
  • Check vulnerable neighbours or relatives if you are able to
  • Avoid walking or driving through floodwater

What we will do

When it floods, the emergency services lead the response. We work with Oxford Direct Services (ODS), the Police, Fire & Rescue, Oxfordshire County Council, the Environment Agency and other partners to:

  • Contact vulnerable people and make sure they are safe
  • Help evacuate people from flooded areas
  • Close flooded roads and bridges and put diversions in place
  • Clear blocked drains on the roads
  • Support communities and local businesses
  • Provide regular updates on the situation on our website and social media channels

Visit our Clearing up after a flood page for more information about flooding.