Road Maintenance

You can report all issues related to road maintenance in Oxford using the link below. The report will be assigned to the correct authority for inspection and repair based on its location and issue type. You can track the progress of the report online or request to receive email updates.

Traffic lights

You can help Oxfordshire County Council to maintain the traffic signals system by telling them if you are aware of a fault. It might be anything from a minor irritation to a potentially hazardous situation. Visit the Traffic Signals page of the Oxfordshire County Council website.

Road Markings

New road markings are carried out by Oxfordshire County Council. We maintain existing road markings on minor roads in the city. Visit the Road Markings pages of the Oxfordshire County Council website for full details.

Oxford Direct Services have an in-house road marking team who have undertaken work on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford University and local hospitals. Visit the Road Marking and Lining pages of their website for more information or to request a quote.

Manhole Covers 

Generally, manhole covers are the responsibility of various utility companies (water, gas, electricity, telephone etc.) If we are notified of a dangerous manhole cover, we will identify who it belongs to and will make arrangements to make it safe.


Bollards on minor roads are maintained by Oxford City Council. They are installed to protect the highway structure. Other bollards (particularly rising bollards in the middle of roads) are the responsibility of Oxfordshire County Council.


Gullies are cleaned yearly and maintained on minor roads by the City Council. Reports of blocked gullies are dealt with within 5 days of report. Retrieval of items dropped into gullies is a chargeable service.

The Drainage Team at Oxford Direct Services also offer a popular external blocked drain, CCTV, and septic tank emptying services.

Street Lighting

Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for street lighting in the city. Visit the Street Lighting pages of their website for more information and to report a fault.

Other Road Maintenance

Visit the Street Maintenance pages of the Oxfordshire County Council website for full details about bridges, dropped kerbs, traffic signals, street lighting, roadside trees and hedges, and traffic management

Private Road/Land Maintenance

Visit our Oxford Direct Services website for more information about the range of commercial services available including road marking, signage manufacture and installation, vehicle access crossings, winter maintenance services and civil engineering works.