Local land charges search fees

As of 1 January, 2017, VAT will be chargeable on Con29R and Con29O questions. Please follow the link below to all charges relating to LLC1; Con29 and Personal Searches:

Local Land Charges Fees

Local Land Charges - Exempt from VAT

  • LLC1 form (Postal) - £35.19
  • LLC1 form (Electronic) - £32.89
  • LLC1 Additional Parcel - £1.27
  • Additional Enquiries - £25.88

How to pay

By post 

All cheques, postal orders and banker's drafts should be made payable to "Oxford City Council". Please ensure the correct fee is submitted with your application or it may result in a delay in processing your search: 


You pay pay online using a debit or credit card when making an online search.