Heritage Energy Efficiency Tool (HEET)

The Oxford Heritage and Energy Efficiency Tool helps assess energy efficiency improvements for historic buildings.

Oxford is a world-renowned centre of heritage, rich in architectural and historic character, listed buildings, designated conservation areas and vernacular buildings. Historic buildings can be comfortable places to live and work, and are not all high carbon emitters with high energy bills. With a government target to reduce by 80% carbon emissions across all sectors by 2050, these buildings need to play their part in a national built environment with less carbon emissions.

We are committed to helping owners of buildings make them more energy efficient. There are a number of financial incentives aimed at improving energy efficiency and generating your own electricity.

Every historic building is different and its suitability for different energy efficiency measures may vary from those of a new building. It is important to get to know your building's features and main characteristics and to learn about the possible improvement measures that can make it work as efficiently as it can, reducing your energy bills while maintaining its value. It is also important to understand and refer to the appropriate Building Regulations.

Oxford City Council, Low Carbon Oxford, Oxford Preservation Trust and Building Research Establishment (BRE) have developed Oxford's Heritage and Energy Efficiency Tool and have produced some local case studies with the help of architects West Waddy ADP.