Report discarded needles and syringes

You can report a found needle or sharp by contacting us 24 hours-a-day.

Do not:

  • put yourself or others at risk
  • hide it
  • separate the needle from the syringe
  • put the cap back on the needle
  • play with the needle or syringe
  • put in a dustbin, down a drain, down the loo or in a litter bin

Report discarded needles or sharps on Fix My Street

If you feel you need to do something yourself then:

  • find a suitable container to put it in e.g. drinks can
  • take the container to the syringe/needle
  • handle the syringe carefully and do not touch the needle
  • put the sharp end into the container first
  • take it somewhere safe to await collection
  • wash your hands thoroughly afterwards

What action we will take

We treat needle collections as a high priority and will be dealt with as quick as possible. 

We are working hard to reduce the risk from discarded needles by undertaking joint projects with other professional groups and increasing the number of public sharps bins available.

There are cubical sharps bins available at the majority of Public Toilet Facilities.

Needle and syringe finds on private property

Visit our Oxford Direct Services website for more information about the needle and syringe removal and disposal service and the range of other commercial services available.