Report Flyposting

We are responsible for the removal of flyposting on public property in Oxford. We will make every effort to remove flyposting as soon as possible from sites we can treat.

We aim to remove flyposting from street furniture and public highways within seven working days of the report.

Report flyposting on Fix My Street

Flyposting on private property, such as empty shops, is the responsibility of the property owner. We work with property owners to try and address these problems.

We offer a flyposting removal service. Visit our Oxford Direct Services website for more information.

What we will do

Once a complaint of flyposting has been received, we will visit the site, initial the flyposter, date and photograph it. 

Enquiries will then be made as to who is responsible for the flyposter. Where possible, a notice is sent to person/organisation responsible advising them of the offence committed and requesting removal of the flyposter.

A follow up site visit is made by our team after 48 hours. If the flypost has been removed, no further action is taken. If the flyposting is still there, a follow up letter is sent requesting an interview with the responsible person advising them that they could be prosecuted.  If evidence supports prosecution, we will begin legal proceedings.