Report an Abandoned Bicycle

We are responsible for removing bicycles from public areas if they are classed as abandoned. A bicycle is classed as abandoned if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • It is secured in a dangerous position (i.e. blocking the public highway)
  • It is secured to a council cycle rack and in an unroadworthy condition (see details below)
  • It is secured in an inappropriate place (i.e. illegally parked or chained to street furniture) and in an unroadworthy condition
  • When it is reported by a member of the public and assessed as unroadworthy or is in a dangerous position
  • When it is noted as not having moved for a reasonable period of time - several weeks.

A bicycle that is defined as unroadworthy will have sustained two or more of the following:

  • Flat front tyre
  • Flat rear tyre
  • Missing wheel
  • Missing seat
  • Buckled front/rear/both wheels
  • Bent forks
  • Seized/damaged brakes
  • Rusted chain/gears
  • Missing chain 

Report an abandoned bicycle on Fix My Street