Report a Noise Problem

You can report the following noise complaints to us:

  • Noisy neighbours (loud music, parties, alarms, DIY at unreasonable hours)
  • Anti-social neighbours (shouting, arguing, door slamming) 
  • Noise from commercial premises (entertainment, ventilation systems, alarms).
  • Noise from industrial premises (factories, construction sites, demolition, alarms)
  • Noise in the street (car alarms or loud stereos, ice cream vans, busking and street entertainment)
  • Animals (barking dogs or other noisy animals)
  • College Balls

Report Noise Problems Online

The Noise App

The Noise App is a software application that can be downloaded from Apple and Android app stores.  The free application allows residents to record noise issues on their smartphone or tablet and then sends the recording directly to the City Council to investigate.

The new system means investigators can receive noise recordings almost immediately and act more quickly if the noise is particularly bad.

Once you have recorded the noise, forward the recording to