Staff and management structure

The Chief Executive

The current Chief Executive is Caroline Green, who was appointed in February 2021. 

The Chief Executive is the senior officer who leads and takes responsibility for the work of the paid staff of the Council.

The role of Chief Executive is a full time appointment. Post holders are selected on merit, against objective criteria, following public advertisement. They are appointed by the whole Council.

As head of the paid service, the Chief Executive works closely with elected members to deliver:

  • Leadership: working with elected members to ensure strong and visible leadership and direction, encouraging and enabling managers to motivate and inspire their teams
  • Strategic Direction:  ensuring all staff understand and adhere to the strategic aims of the organisation and follow the direction set by the elected members
  • Policy Advice: acting as the principal policy adviser to the elected members of the Council to lead the development of workable strategies which will deliver the political objectives set by the councillors
  • Partnerships: leading and developing strong partnerships across the local community to achieve improved outcomes and better public services for local people
  • Operational Management: overseeing financial and performance management, risk management, people management and change management within the Council.

Job Description - Chief Executive

For salary information, visit our Managers' Salaries page.

You can make a comment, compliment or complaint about our services or write to the Chief Executive using the Town Hall address on our Where to Find our Offices page.

The Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team is responsible for managing the activities of our staff and for advising councillors on the potential implications of political decisions. 

Our management structure chart is available to view on out Constitution pages.

By law, senior council staff are not allowed to participate in any party political activity and are expected to advise and assist all councillors irrespective of their political affiliation.

The current Senior Management Team are:

  • Tom Bridgman – Executive Director for Development 
  • Stephen Gabriel - Executive Director for Communities and People
  • Tom Hook - Executive Director for Corporate Resources

Job Descriptions

For salary information, visit our Managers' Salaries page.

You can make a comment, compliment or complaint about our services or write to the Executive Directors using the Town Hall address on our Where to Find our Offices page.

Council Staff

Whilst the elected councillors provide the policies, paid employees (council officers) put them into practice. We employ approximately 700 staff; these include staff responsible for a wide range of services benefiting the local community.

Oxford Direct Services

Oxford Direct Services transferred to a company structure on 1 April 2018 and provides a range of services on behalf of the Council as well as trading and competing for business in the wider city economy.   

The Managing Director of Oxford Direct Services is Simon Howick.