External Audit

Ernst & Young LLP audits our accounts. They do this to make sure the accounts are accurate and fair. We must complete our annual statement of accounts by the end of May. Ernst & Young LLP aim to finish their audit of our accounts by the end of July each year.

Ernst & Young LLP undertake their audit in accordance with the requirements of the Audit Commission Act 1998, the CIPFA Code of Audit Practice, Audit Commission Standing Guidance, auditing standards and other professional requirements.

Our Audited Accounts

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Audit Results Reports

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Annual Audit Letters

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Internal Audit

The purpose of internal auditing is to ensure that all our internal procedures are efficient and effective. We have commissioned this work from PricewaterhouseCoopers - a major firm of accountants and auditors. This ensures that internal audits of Council performance are independent and objective.

PwC in the UK is a leading provider of professional services, which include audit, tax, financial and risk advisory. 

PwC's audit philosophy is geared towards achieving maximum value from audit resources. Their risk focused internal audit approach provides management with assurance on risk management and internal controls over key aspects of service delivery and suggests how these risks can be managed.

The auditors communicate with officers and the Audit and Governance Committee on a regular basis.

Their breadth of knowledge allows them to provide examples of best practice and recommendations for how systems can be improved and value for money secured.