Oxford Community Impact Fund

Introduction to the Oxford Community Impact Fund

The Oxford Community Impact Fund (OCIF) was established following a grant review conducted in 2021 in consultation with different stakeholders to find new ways of supporting community groups amidst budget pressures due to the pandemic, simplify the grant application process for applicants, and to align grants with core council priorities. As a result, all the existing community grant funds including Culture Fund, Green Neighbourhood Scheme, Youth Ambition Fund, Youth Ambition Holiday Activities Fund, Small Grants and Open Bidding, were merged in to one Community Impact Fund. All eligible applicants to former community grant programmes are eligible for this new programme. However, please do check the guidance within these pages.

If after reading these pages you have any queries, please email the Grants Team: grants@oxford.gov.uk

How much is available?

The Oxford Community Impact Fund (OCIF) programme will run for a minimum of 3 years, starting in 2022/23, and will be reviewed annually. It has been split into two main strands:

  • Small and Medium Grants (three rounds each year)
  • Big Ideas (closed to new applicants)

Small and Medium Grants

The total annual value of these grants is £84,000 per year. There will be a single pot which Small and Medium Grant applicants can bid against. There will be no predetermined allocation of funds between the two which will allow the Grants Panel flexibility to support the strongest applications.

Not for profit organisations can apply for up to £5,000 per round, while individuals can apply for up to £1,000 per round.

Round 1 of the Small and Medium grants for 2023/24 is now open for application, with £24,000 funding available. Details for the next round of applications will be published in due course.

Big Ideas (2022/23 to 2024/25)

This three year funding programme is closed to new applicants. You can find a list of grantees in this news release.