Selling to the Council - Overview

We spend approximately £55 million on a range of goods and services from third parties in each financial year. Obtaining best value is an essential requirement and one that cannot be achieved without the support of our suppliers, both large and small.

South East Business Portal

The Portal is designed to allow the sharing of information about existing contracts (Contract Store) and forthcoming tendering opportunities (Opportunities) across the 74 councils and 9 fire & rescue services of the south east region.

Visit the South East Business Portal website for full details.

Procurement Strategy

Download our procurement strategy below:

Procurement Strategy

General Terms and Conditions

Purchases made by us are subject to the terms and conditions below, however contracts over £100,000 may be subject to specialist or bespoke terms and conditions where appropriate.

What we look for in our suppliers

When buying we consider whole life costs rather than simply looking at the initial purchase price. Considerations include:

  • quality of products and services
  • cost of products and services
  • availability of products and services
  • environmental, equality, sustainability and health and safety policies of the organisation

A local approach

We are committed to doing all we can to place orders for goods and services with local businesses and organisations. Approximately 44% of our spend is with local businesses. This is your opportunity to try to increase your turnover and profitability and to be part of a vibrant local economy, which will benefit both your organisation and the community.

Quality and value for money

Our desire is to provide the community with the best possible service and value for money with all our contracts.