Business premises - our role

We are one of the biggest landlords in the city, owning a diverse portfolio which is both commercial and residential. As landlords in this area since the early 16th Century, we are committed to the long term success of Oxford. It is important to us to build and maintain dialogue with residents, community groups and all others who share with us the ambition to make Oxford an attractive area in which to live and work.

As well as managing these assets efficiently, we are also responsible for maintaining and improving our property and landholdings. We manage our non-residential estate in-house, managing all the leasing, buying and selling of property, as well as maintaining and improving the land and buildings we rent out to local people and businesses.

Our non-residential estate is divided into two, 'operational' property and land, which we use to deliver services (like community centres, parks, etc.), and 'non-operational' assets that are used by others, including shops, offices workshops, warehouses and estates shops.

We own commercial premises, including many central retail units, offices and local estate shops that are spread throughout the city. 

Both operational and non-operational properties can be declared surplus by the council if this is deemed appropriate, and these are then generally sold to generate capital which is reinvested within the city.

Land Ownership

To find out if the council owns an area of land or property please contact us.

For land not owned by us you can use HM Land Registry service. A small fee is payable.