Recycling at Christmas

Festive recycling and waste collection day changes

There are bin collection day changes during the Christmas and New Year period. Please see table below for full details:

Table showing Christmas recycling and waste collection day changes
Normal collection day Revised collection day
Tuesday 28 December 2021 Wednesday 29 December 2021
Wednesday 29 December 2021 Thursday 30 December 2021
Thursday 30 December 2021 Friday 31 December 2021
Friday 31 December 2021 Tuesday 4 January 2022
Tuesday 4 January 2022 Wednesday 5 January 2022
Wednesday 5 January 2022 Thursday 6 January 2022
Thursday 6 January 2022 Friday 7 January 2022
Friday 7 January 2022 Saturday 8 January 2022

Garden waste (brown bin/sack) collections and bulky waste collections suspended over the festive period

Garden waste and bulky waste collections will be suspended from Tuesday 21 December and will resume on Wednesday 5 January.


Christmas tree recycling

6 million Christmas trees are sold every year in the UK. That’s enough to stretch end to end from London to the North Pole and back!

We will collect real, bare Christmas trees (free from pots, baubles and tinsel) on your green/brown bin day from Wednesday 5 January until Friday 28 January 2022. They will be shredded and turned into compost for local farmland.

If you live in a flat, or want to recycle your real tree sooner, you can take it to one of our collection points located across the city. These will be open after Christmas. 

Artificial trees

If you have an artificial tree that it can't be reused again, drop it off to a recycling centre.

Deck the halls

Have you found your Christmas lights have lost their spark? Or do the batteries for your Christmas ornament need replacing? Recycle your small broken electrical items and batteries by leaving them on top of any bin lid in separate clear bags on your collection day.

If you live in a flat with shared bins, please recycle your small electrical items using collection banks, and batteries at drop off locations, located across the city.

T’is the season to be jolly aware of recycling!

Over Christmas we generate around 30% more waste and most of this can be recycled. In Oxfordshire alone we generate 2,500 extra tonnes of waste over the festive period! 

If you have any leftover wrapping paper and Christmas cards that can be reused, save them for next year. Any recycling that can't be reused can be placed into your blue recycling bin. Check out our festive recycling tips:

  • Flatten cardboard boxes before recycling to save room in your recycling bin
  • Ensure cardboard is placed inside of your bin or sack (wet paper can't be recycled)
  • Place extra recycling next to your bin or sack in a clear bag for collection
  • Remove ribbons, bows and other ornaments before recycling wrapping paper
  • Do the scrunch test to see if your Christmas wrapping paper is recyclable or not (paper with glitter, foil and plastic can't be recycled

Up to 80% of your waste can be recycled. Please try to recycle as much as possible. Extra rubbish that doesn't fit in your green bin or lilac sacks will not be collected.

Oh, bring us a figgy pudding

Over 1/3 of us Brits reckon we throw away more food at Christmas than any other time of year! Fear not, we’re here to help you get food savvy this Christmas. Check out our top tips below:

  • You say bubble, I say squeak: bubble and speak is a great recipe that can be made with any vegetable leftovers. You can even freeze it as a delicious treat for another day!
  • One sprout, two sprouts, three sprouts, four: you may be a lover or hater of Brussels sprouts, but they are a Christmas staple. Make sure they don’t go unloved and turn any leftovers into a scrumptious gratin.
  • Gobble, gobble: turkey is a Christmas favourite but often is not used to its potential. Avoid binning the trimming and make the most of your turkey. Use different parts of the turkey to make new meals – why not try making turkey stock, stew, curry or pate?

If you have leftover food waste that can’t be used, use our weekly collection service. You can recycle anything from turkey wishbones to stale mince pies to those dreaded Brussels sprouts! Don’t forget to line your food caddy with a compostable bag, plastic bag (excluding black plastic bags), newspaper, or you can even place food in your caddy loose! Your food waste will be turned into electricity and fertiliser.

Just for fun

Need something to do with the kids over the festive period? Have some fun with our festive recycling colouring sheet. Print it off, colour it in, and pop in your windows or on your bin for the collection crew!