Street Naming and Numbering

Request a new address or name

Many transactions associated with a property are withheld until it can be identified with an address - utility companies, for example, will not install services without an official address and postcode.

Before requesting a new address or name read our Street naming and numbering policy.

You can request a new address or property name after you have received planning permission or an appropriate building regulations decision.

Depending on what you need to do, please download, fill in and return one of the following forms:


Numbering of new developments (including sub-division of existing properties)

  • 1 plot: £53
  • 2 plots: £85
  • 3 plots: £116
  • 4-20 plots: £75 plus £22 per plot
  • 21-50 plots: £175 plus £20 per plot
  • 50+ plots: £330 plus £15 per plot

Properties will only be named if they are on a street where no numbers have been issued. Charges will be as above.

Additional fees if required

  • New street name: £120
  • New building name (e.g. for blocks of flats/offices): £53
  • Changes to new addresses caused by changes to development after issue of numbering scheme: £11 per plot
  • Reissue of address following demolition and reconstruction: £32
  • Change of house name: £48
  • Addition of house name to numbered property: £48