Street Naming and Numbering

How we name and number streets

We are responsible for creating official addresses throughout Oxford. It is important that every address is unique and unambiguous so that the Emergency Services can find it quickly and mail is delivered correctly.

Naming of new streets

Where a development leads to the creation of a new street we will consult with the developer, local residents' associations, ward councillors and parish councils. Names must not be the same or similar to existing street names in the area.

Numbering of new properties

For developments where there are new streets we will assign numbers in a logical sequence based on the street layout. This will normally be with the odd numbers on the left and the even numbers on the right from the most important street from which they lead. Developments on existing numbered streets will be numbered into the existing sequence by the use of suffixes (e.g. 12A, 12B).

House names

All new properties will be given a number unless they are on a street without a numbering scheme. In these cases a name will be agreed with the owner.

Numbered properties may also be given a name but the number must be included in the address.

House names should be unlikely to be confused with other properties in the area.