Street Naming and Numbering (SNN)

Why we need street naming and numbering

We are responsible for creating official addresses throughout Oxford. It is important that every address is unique and unambiguous. It is essential that a complete and effective standard for naming streets and numbering or naming properties is maintained as it facilitates:

  • Emergency Services locating properties
  • Consistency of property based information across local government databases and within the community
  • Reliable delivery of post and other such deliveries/Royal Mail
  • Location of address

Street Naming and Numbering is a chargeable service and the process is only carried out when the relevant Planning Permission has been granted for a development and the Street Naming and Numbering fees have been paid. Paying for and/or having a registered council tax account does not mean you have an official, authorised address.

We can allocate:

  • Names to new or existing buildings/dwellings/flats
  • Numbering to new buildings/dwelling/flats
  • Re-number subdivided/converted buildings/dwellings/flats
  • Numbers to businesses

We do not add business names to properties for this you must seek an amendment from Royal Mail (SNN Policy 4.3d)

You can only request a new address or property name after you have received approved planning permission logged with the council for your development. We cannot accept a street/property naming/numbering application without planning permission. If you need help locating you reference number please contact The allocation of an official address does not in any way authorise the development or indicate that building regulation approval is not required if you require building regulations please contact

On completion of your numbering/naming please note that clear signage and numbering must be used at the addresses. The address must be saved with the issued numbering. Unclear, ambiguous or no signage can cause further issues for the addresses. Signage is the responsibility of the developer.