If you have a disability and your council home presents challenges, alterations or adaptations might be possible to help. Our Disabled Adaptations Team is responsible for these changes in council homes.

Types of adaptations

Adaptations can vary based on your needs and might include:

  • portable aids to support independent living
  • fixed aids like grab rails for ease of use
  • home modifications for safer mobility (e.g., over-bath showers, level access showers, access ramps, stair lifts)
  • moving to a more suitable property

How to apply for adaptations

To start the process:

  • an assessment by an Occupational Therapist is required to determine your needs. This considers your situation and the urgency of your needs
  • we don’t carry out adaptations without an assessment, except for minor items like grab rails
  • for an assessment, contact the Social and Health Care Team at Oxfordshire County Council: Request a needs assessment (Oxfordshire County Council)
  • you'll need to provide your date of birth, GP details, a contact telephone number, and a description of the difficulties you're experiencing and the adaptations you think could help
  • after the assessment, the Occupational Therapist will make a detailed recommendation for us to action

For more details on needs assessments, visit the Oxfordshire County Council website.

Implementation of adaptations

We aim to complete the work within 3 months of receiving your referral.

Contact the Disabled Adaptations Team

Address: Horspath Road

Telephone: 01865 335426

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